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Get back on track!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Change of website

Hi all,
I've been working on a new website for Quercy Counselling. Come and have a look at it at

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Science of Happiness

I am about to start a course called the Science of Happiness, offered online by the University of California (, so lately I've been reflecting on happiness. Will this course make me happier? Will it give me some tools to help make others happier? Can science provide answers to this kind of question? Is it all about happiness? Is 'happiness' even the right word?

My primary hope is that this course will help me to guide my clients into happier lives. I also hope it can answer some more theoretical and philosophical questions I have.

Philosophically, I have always been of the opinion that happiness is not the ultimate goal of therapy or life. There's no denying that I do generally want positive emotions and to feel happy and well. But there is also a reality that there are times when happiness is not appropriate, for example, in times of sickness and death, major disasters and traumatic incidents.

The Masters program I studied paid particular attention to living a life where yours, and others, values are recognized and honored. Some of the values I hold dear are: individual wellness (both physical and psychological), social justice, empowering people, living diversity well, health promotion and prevention, and being an agent of change.

I have always liked to think of my work in terms of creating and enhancing well-being rather than happiness. This construct usually takes account of your broader circumstances rather than just emotions. An approach I like takes into account your satisfaction with your standard of living, your health, what you are achieving in life, your personal relationships, how safe you feel, your sense of community, your future security, and your spirituality/religion. I like this whole person approach to helping people.(

I am curious how The Science of Happiness will complement, contradict or prove a mixture of the two. Watch this space, or sign up for the course yourself.

With gratitude,


Friday, May 9, 2014


Welcome to Quercy Counselling.

I am really excited about launching the new website.  I hope it can be a space to allow ideas and thoughts about counselling, psychotherapy and psychology to grow and develop.

I hope the information about the services offered by Quercy Counselling can answer any questions from potential clients as to whether the service may be appropriate for their time in life. If you still have questions after reading the content here please don't hesitate to contact via phone or email. Messages are usually responded to within 24 hours on weekdays. 

One of the main focuses of the website to help those considering counselling in the Quercy area to make the best decisions for themselves and their future. I hope to add a list of resources and links for local services and professionals that may be relevant.

Fellow professionals working in the field in the South of France are welcome to contact, I'd love to hear what your doing in your practice and if we can help each other grow and develop.

For now, welcome and please have a look around.

Kindest thoughts,
Elizabeth Cross